This last weekend

I went crazy with my new tablet. I output 3 different pieces of artwork, and in my humble opinion they are just getting cleaner with each attempt. The content will seem random to someone who hasn’t read the fanfiction which they are based on, but oh well. Since that is what is currently inspiring me, I can’t really help it.

Anyways, I did a re-do of the piece I uploaded last week, with updated and cleaned up line art, I cleaned up the cell shading, and redesigned the character hair style. I did cheat on the background and effects, and used the ones from the original. I have several other illustrations I would like to do that will have similar effects, so I didn’t want to burn myself out on it. Until I find a more efficient way of doing it, right now I am just using the smudge tool.

So if you haven’t noticed, I am really lacking in the backdrop area. I love drawing the line art, and coloring the character, but when it comes time to give them a background, I always fall short. I am just too impatient I guess. What I should do is get some stock ones, and just adapt those, lol. The ones that are in my drawings right now are just photos that I paint and color on until they feel like they fit. I even re-used the image on my Chpt. 6 and Chpt 17 image, lol. Hey, it is the same location, so it should be ok.

And finally… that stupid well (the wooden structure), oh man, I am usually good at perspective, but that thing was such a pain to draw. In the end I caved, and just used some wood grain texture, and copied the crap out of it until it looked right. Oh chpt. 44 I forgot to add some moss or something to it, but we’ll just pretend that it is facing the south.

Monday, July 26th, 2010 MyProjects, Uncategorized