I figured this post counts in my design blog, because listening to music really is a part of my design routine. Well this isn’t really a “watching or reading”, but I just had to mention this since it is on my mind. I have been trying to create an emotion evoking soundtrack for while I draw. It makes it easy to lose myself and keep from getting distracted from the task at hand.

Anyways, to do this I have a Pandora account, paid for and totally worth it, and my newest station was created with Flyleaf and Paramore. A group that has been sneaking their way in there is a Christian girl band called BarlowGirl. Now I am a religious person, and I do believe I have a strong faith, although I am NOT the person to bring it up and discuss it with anyone who I am not in a close friendship with. I am also not interested in most Christian music I have heard. Usually sounds preachy, and instead of getting into the music, I usually get annoyed with it.

While I listen to my music and draw, I obviously don’t stare at my station to see who is singing, I just listen and go on with my business. When I hear a song I like, I make sure to click the little thumbs up. Let me just say, there isn’t another band I have liked lately as much as this girl band. Their songs are perfect with the mood I want to convey in my art, and their voices, lyrics and melodies are so strong. Being part of a religious group of any kind will always draw ire, and totally isolates you from potential fans. I would never have even wanted to listen to this group, solely based on the fact that they are a religious group. I am so glad this music slipped into my station, not only do I feel good knowing they are singing about something I love, I love listening to them.

well, that is my spiel for the day.

Check em out… BarlowGirl

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Son of a Witch

I recently finished reading Wicked: The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West. The events that lead up to Dorothy getting the ruby slippers, and heading back to Kansas, from the point of view of the Wicked Witch.

I originally picked up the book after obsessing over the story in the Broadway production of a similar name, Wicked. I have purchased tickets to see the production within the month, but couldn’t contain myself till that time. I just needed to know more about the story, and the characters.

To my surprise, the story from the book is really nothing like the story within the play. Sure the characters have the same names, and for the most part same look, minus Fiyero, but most of their plots have been changed dramatically for the Broadway show. Despite the changes from what I had learned about the play, the book was rather enchanting, and I truly enjoyed it as well. An odd portion of the play, vrs the book is the absence of the assumed son of The Witch, Liir. He isn’t mentioned at all in the play.

Liir wasn’t my favorite character in the first book, so I didn’t have any impression I would want to read about him anyways, no matter his relationship with The Witch. I found him to be uninteresting and stupid, to be honest. He is described as a fat little kid, somewhat of a dunce, and a coward. I did want to know more about other characters in the book, such as Fiyero. Considering his relationship to Liir, I imagined there may be some information about him. I also had a bit of a lingering feeling of curiosity in general for the rest of the story. I haven’t gotten very far into this book however, so I will update with a review later on.

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