About me. ^_^

Hi everybody! o/

My name is Aimee, and I am a web and graphic designer. I have been able to call this my profession for about four years now, but I have loved a wide range of arts since I was very young. I discovered and honed my specific skill set while at Whatcom College, in Washington State. My courses focused on the Adobe Creative Suites, but I am also proficient with other software such as QuarkXpress. What I enjoy most is learning how everything in this profession changes, and I get to learn something new every day. I have a fun and creative mind, when I love something, I dive in; and that, I find wonderful.

My Background.

I had many interesting possibilities after graduation, but had not made a definite selection of my career path. I worked as a part-time freelancer for several months, doing website comp design, which was very fun. I created layouts for several small company websites such as Exxel Publications. My first full time position as a graphic designer began in late 2007, on the advertising team for the Skagit Publishing, which included 4 news publications, and 3 magazines.

At the Skagit Valley Herald, the main newspaper for the publishing company, I worked on a team of very talented designers, and project managers to meet tight deadlines for the advertising department; both for the printed publications, as well as their website. I did end up moving around quite a bit however after working with them for about 8 months, which lead me to holding several types of jobs as a graphic designer: Real Estate marketing, and editing photos for a large on-line Bridal Store.

So what am I doing now?

After college was completed, I needed to decide where I wanted to go. The weather in Washington was too gloomy and mild, and I hail from Ohio, where the economy is too poor and depressing. My dream when I started my graphic design degree was to work for a publishing company called NewType USA, based in Houston Texas, so to complete my dream, I had always considered moving to Texas. I was very sadden to find out in February of the year following my graduation, the US counterpart ceased production. Since I had already invested so much time and planning to moving to Texas, I decided to go there anyways.

It was only a short time in Houston before I found a new occupation, as User Interface / Graphic Designer at Equivalent DATA, a Houston based litigation software design company, and EDD service provider. Currently I am responsible for all website management and design, marketing publications, and user interface concept design for the new and adapting software. The main software I help design is a Silverlight based application, and I learned to use the Microsoft Expression products to work with the developers in designing the UI. I have been working with EQD since October of 2008, and the experience has been extremely educational.

Thats about it so far, thanks for stopping by!

Make sure to take a look-see around my site, check out my portfolio to see some of my recent work, and my tech blog to see what type of things I have been learning and want to share! I also have a brief list of freelance services I provide, so if you are interested, feel free to contact me. Thanks again!

Herrr… Contact info…

So yes, if you need to get in touch with me, you can send me an email at

aimee-design83@gmail.com or me@aimee-design.com