I figured this post counts in my design blog, because listening to music really is a part of my design routine. Well this isn’t really a “watching or reading”, but I just had to mention this since it is on my mind. I have been trying to create an emotion evoking soundtrack for while I draw. It makes it easy to lose myself and keep from getting distracted from the task at hand.

Anyways, to do this I have a Pandora account, paid for and totally worth it, and my newest station was created with Flyleaf and Paramore. A group that has been sneaking their way in there is a Christian girl band called BarlowGirl. Now I am a religious person, and I do believe I have a strong faith, although I am NOT the person to bring it up and discuss it with anyone who I am not in a close friendship with. I am also not interested in most Christian music I have heard. Usually sounds preachy, and instead of getting into the music, I usually get annoyed with it.

While I listen to my music and draw, I obviously don’t stare at my station to see who is singing, I just listen and go on with my business. When I hear a song I like, I make sure to click the little thumbs up. Let me just say, there isn’t another band I have liked lately as much as this girl band. Their songs are perfect with the mood I want to convey in my art, and their voices, lyrics and melodies are so strong. Being part of a religious group of any kind will always draw ire, and totally isolates you from potential fans. I would never have even wanted to listen to this group, solely based on the fact that they are a religious group. I am so glad this music slipped into my station, not only do I feel good knowing they are singing about something I love, I love listening to them.

well, that is my spiel for the day.

Check em out… BarlowGirl

Friday, July 23rd, 2010 Reading, Watching